M&A Advisory for Growth Companies

We optimize the sale of our clients' companies based on best practices and modern technologies.

We support entrepreneurs looking to sell their business.

The market for selling businesses is non-transparent and complex. We offer owners of growth companies all necessary services to successfully exit their business.

Our M&A Advisory Services

Company Sale
We manage the full process of selling your company including preparation, investor approach, due diligence, negotiation and closing.
Company Valuation
We determine the fair market value of your business and advise on value increasing factors.
Company Acquisition
We manage the buyside acquisition process including target identification, valuation, negotiation and closing.
Financial Forecasting
We create reliable, fully integrated financial forecasts reflecting key growth levers of your business.
Strategic Evaluation of Company Sale
Unsure about selling your business? We evaluate the sale of your company strategically.

We strive to realize life changing exits for our clients.

When it comes to selling growth companies, we’ve aggregated best practices from >30 projects involving some of the worlds most renowned strategic acquirers. We use this expertise to optimize our clients’ exits and turn them into life changing successes.

Exemplary Deal Statistics

Number of interested acquirers
Days between first outreach and first offer
+ 0 %
Premium to average peer valuation
~ 0
Months to close

Our proven recipe:
80% fundamentals.
20% vision.
100% passion.

Solid fundamentals are essential to attract acquirer interest. To realize the best purchase price for our clients, we illustrate growth levers in a unique way based on solid qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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What acquirers say:

“Thank you for the informative and appealing presentation of this exciting business – one of the best, we’ve ever received!”

– CEO of German Family Office

“The quality and quantitative illustration of growth potentials by Venture Advisory Partners was outstanding. This made a very positive impression on us and helped us see more value in the business.”

– CEO of Strategic Acquirer

How we optimize the sale of our clients' businesses.

Key Success Factors


Well prepared processes means no time is wasted.


An attractive presentation unlocks value perception.


Solid financials are key to deliver winning arguments in price negotiations.


Strong pipelines of potential buyers ensure maximum competition. 


We orchestrate all processes so our clients can focus on their daily business.

Challenges of Company Sale

Selling your business is a complex, stressful and a highly emotional task. Exiting your business is often a once in a lifetime situation that most entrepreneurs enter unprepared. 

By definition, most business owners are at a disadvantage when they negotiate with potential acquirers, who have already made acquisitions in the past. To level the playing field, business owners engage M&A-Advisors, like Venture Advisory Partners.

M&A-Advisors have specialized on selling businesses. They manage every aspect of the process, so you can focus on your daily business. They handle the preparation of key documents, determine the market value of your business, identify suitable acquirers and negotiate on your behalf. They also allow you to sell your business discretely, because they can anonymously approach potential buyers.

How we solve these challenges for clients

By evaluating the company sale before initiating the sale process, owners can get a solid foundation for their decision to sell.

After the sale process is initiated, a thorough preparation with a flexible transaction schedule ensures that no time and momentum is wasted. 

The key documents need a logical, precise structure and an attractive design. It is crucial to highlight growth levers and make precise predictions on how they will affect the companies performance under new ownership. 

All acquirers must be approached and managed simultaneously to maintain the timeline of the company sale and maximize competition.

Using modern technologies to support all transaction workflows is timesaving and contributes to a frictionless transaction.

These client groups benefit from working with us.

Venture Advisory Partners predominantly works with growth companies in the E-Commerce, Agency and Technology space.

M&A Advisory


E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Venture Advisory Partners supports its clients in selling their business to the right acquirer.

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M&A Advisory

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Consumer / Enterprise SaaS has established itself as a highly attractive business model. Venture Advisory Partners supports its clients in selling their business to the right acquirer.

M&A Advisory

Other Tech & Growth

Advanced Hardware, Platforms and E-Learning businesses are in high demand. Venture Advisory Partners supports its clients in selling their business to the right acquirer.