As your Virtual CFO, we help founders to fast-track their financing, increase profitability and optimize their exit.

Our team combines a unique blend of Venture Capital, M&A and Operator experience for your success.


Exciting growth companies in E-Commerce and Tech choose to work with our team.

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We help growth companies realize their potential from financing to exit.


We optimize company sales for entrepreneurs. We specialize in E-Commerce, agencies, SaaS and growth companies.

Virtual CFO

Professional financial management for more revenue, profit and cashflow. Reporting and controlling for better decisions.

Acquisitions (ETA)

Acquire a running, profitable business to kick-start your journey as an entrepreneur.

Startup Fundraising

Fast-track your fundraising with expert strategies to convince VCs and Business Angels.

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We are specialists with strong track records in E-Commerce & Tech.

We support high-growth businesses in E-Commerce and Tech. We help these businesses raise capital, optimize their exit and streamline their financials. Our team consists of successful experts that are entrepreneurs themselves.


Our experts have shared insights on M&A and venture finance in leading media publications.


What we do for our clients as a Virtual CFO.

Experience in venture finance and transactions.

Throughout our careers, we have raised capital for many startups and funds. We also look back on experience from >35 M&A projects with more than €4.5bn in volume. Our edge comes from a team of true entrepreneurs with a strong network and a passion for finance.


Venture funding raised by team


Buyers, VCs, Angels and CVCs in network


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Our collaboration from first contact to project.

Nothing replaces a personal impression. Get to know our team and our expertise in a virtual call. Besides free consultation, you will receive a free analysis for your project based on our session.

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We start our collaboration with the option to advise you long-term.

Our Insights

Get insights on how to fast-track your fundraising and optimize your exit.

A must read for entrepreneurs looking to sell their company. We highlight the best practices and strategies for your successful and stress free sale.

An essential for E-Commerce founders looking to exit. Learn how E-Commerce businesses are valued and what the the current market environment for selling your business looks like.

A list of aggregators looking to acquire FBA / D2C E-Commerce businesses in Germany. Familiarize yourself with well-known acquirers.

Success Stories of Clients and Investors

Successful entrepreneurs trust our expertise in finance and company sales.

Fuel your own success story and find out why fast-growing startups work with Venture Advisory Partners.

Our Team

Our team combines Venture Capital, M&A and entrepreneurial expertise to help you succeed.

Peter Nadolinski

Peter is a venture finance expert with a passion for powerful storylines, structured processes and number crunching.
Carsten Schäfer Venture Advisory Partners Virtual CFO

Carsten Schäfer

Carsten is a venture finance and scaling expert with profound expertise in startup operations and strategy.
Daniel Putsche Venture Advisory Partners Venture Finance Beratung

Daniel Putsche

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on building teams and company strategy from zero to one.

Moritz Heimsch

Moritz is an execution focused entrepreneur with proven expertise in leading valuable ideas to product success.

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